by Across Oceans

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released February 29, 2012

Songwriting & Composition:
Across Oceans

Arrangement & Instrumentation:
Cruz Gongora

Melody & Lyrics:
A Problem Like Maria

Production & Mastering:

Tristan Yuvienco



all rights reserved


Across Oceans San Diego, California

Across Oceans is a long term, cross continental collaboration between solo artists Cruz Gongora and A Problem Like Maria. He lives in California, in the United States; she lives in Metro Manila, in the Philippines.

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Track Name: Bad
Is it just me?
You've been acting strange, lately.
Tell me I'm a tease;
I've been a good girl, baby.
You say "maybe,"
but we both know what you want.
Speak up and let me know.

Don't you need me so bad?
You need me so bad.

Catch you looking at me;
Baby, I can guess what you're thinking.
I'll put your mind at ease.
We're both imagining you're sinking
deeper into me.
Oh, we both know what we want,
so why don't we just go?

I can see it in your eyes.
Don't lie.
I know you need me bad.

Say you don't, but that's a lie.
Don't deny me.
I know you need me bad.
Track Name: Exclusion
When is it my turn to win?
On the outside, looking in.
Is wanting to belong such a sin?
Where do I begin?

When everything is easy for you,
is there nothing I can do?

Walking barefoot over shards
of bitter half-made promises;
Mocking stares have me on guard.
Withered glances diminish chances.

How is this my fault again?
Why does the weight of blame descend
on my shoulders; struggling to bend,
causing our hearts to rend?
Track Name: Ghost
I hear you're doing fine,
carrying on with your life now that you're no longer mine.

I guess I shouldn't expect to be
the one the got away, but it gets to me.
For you getting over us was so easy.
You're safely ashore; I'm still in the open sea.

Don't think I would mind, if I should happen to find
you've been through hell; but i wish you well.

You left me a living ghost.
You hurt me where it hurt the most.
You were cold; should have known you were far past caring about us,
'cause you don't even see me.
Track Name: Closer
Feels like butterflies
when you look at me
with those eyes.

Closer; closer to me
is where i hope you'll be.
Holding you closer to me
is the future i see.

A shot in the dark
is what this is.
These tiny sparks --
did i imagine it?
Track Name: What Lies Beneath
Memories remain
like a permanent stain.
Out of my control;
tattooed on my soul.

Each subtext, each context;
You are now, what came before, and what's next.
Tell me you need me. Tell me you love me.
My heart breaks, my mind aches.
You are here, whether I'm asleep or awake.
Tell me you need me. Tell me you love me.

I'll follow your lead.
I'll bleed when you bleed.
Anything that's mine
is yours for all time.
Track Name: A New Day
Begin. begin. begin.

Regrets and sins --
Release them to wind.
Heartaches end
where you and I begin.

Trouble free
since you found me.